Bookings are made online through our ‘book now’ buttons on each tour page, the homepage, and the menu bar. Choose an activity date and time and make a reservation. A full or down payment will be taken. All of our online payments are safe and secure.

Alternatively, you can call or WhatsApp to make a reservation. Or send us a message via our contact form.

Yes, families are more than welcome! We have lots of family options including family rafting or sail park paragliding, which is suitable for children 6 years old and above.

Bookings can be cancelled, changed or moved with 24-hours prior notice. If we have bad weather on the day or any other issues out of our control, then a full refund will be made. No-shows or same-day cancellations will be charged.

Yes, all of our guides speak English plus 1 or 2 other languages (mainly German or French).

This depends on your health and physical condition but 95% of our customers don’t experience a thing. Your guide will be there for you to provide help and support if you do begin to feel uncomfortable.

You can jump from an aeroplane anywhere in the world. Here in Switzerland, the helicopter is the workhorse of the mountains and readily available for us to take advantage of. Where else can you stand outside on the skid before you jump? We use very powerful modern machines, typically the Eurocopter AS350 Ecureuil (Squirrel) which flies as high as any skydive aeroplane. The same machine we use has landed on the Mount Everest Summit.

Freefall is a comfortable sensation like floating on a cushion of air. Freefall is the closest thing to human flight, especially when falling “relative” with other skydivers. In relation to other skydivers in the air, a jumper can move forward, backwards, up, down and all around in the sky. He or she can dive vertically over 200 mph or achieve horizontal movement over the ground up to 60 mph. The constant air flow allows aerial manoeuvres with precision and control.

The opening of the parachute is much like jumping feet-first into a pool of water. The opening takes about two to five seconds and is not uncomfortable. Square parachutes are simple to manoeuvre and steer to the ground. Steering lines are attached to the rear right and left side of the parachute. By taking the controls in each hand, one steers the parachute by pulling on one control. To turn left, simply pull down the left control. To stop the turn, simply return the control to its original position.

All of our activities are conducted under strict local Swiss governing bodies and are audited and checked yearly. All of our guides are certified by government law standards and are experienced specialists in their given areas.

Tours for big groups of 20+ can be customised, contact us for more information.

The best time to skydive is in the mornings when it’s clear and not as windy. Paraglide and hang gliding are best enjoyed from midday when the thermals start to pick up. For any air sport, try and do them at the beginning of your visit to interlaken just in case you have bad weather towards the end of your trip.

Most days are good for water sports like canyoning, jet boating, kayaking, etc. Bungy jump and canyon swing go ahead almost any time as well. If the weather is particularly bad and we are forced to cancel, a full refund will be given.

Yes. With today’s modern equipment and our decades of previous experience, skydiving today is safer than it has ever been before. Any parachute system you jump with will have both a main and a reserve canopy.

When making a tandem jump you will be in a harness strapped to the front of a very experienced “jumpmaster”. A tandem jumpmaster has made at least 1000 jumps before (and in many cases, several thousand) and went through a rigorous training program to become a tandem jumpmaster.

Although skydiving is not a strenuous sport, people who are in reasonably good shape enjoy it more and are less likely to suffer an injury. Certain conditions — epilepsy, obesity, heart problems and others — might preclude someone from jumping. Contact us before booking if you need any reassurance.

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