Interlaken Summer Sports

Skydive, Paraglide, Rafting, Canyoning+ Much More

Summer activities from Paragliding to  Bungy Jumping. Hang Glide, Canyoning or White Water Rafting. The ultimate Skydive in the Swiss Alps from a helicopter or plane. Try Kayaking or Jetboat on the lake this Summer we even have a floating HotTub. So much to see and do in and around Interlaken!

Interlaken Air Sports

Paraglide, Hang Glide, Skydive + Much More

From the ever-popular paragliding to the most extreme helicopter skydiving, we have it all. Soar high above the ground paragliding(opens in a new tab) or hang gliding and take in the spectacular views of the Swiss Alps and the crystal clear Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Or get your adrenaline pumping and skydive over Interlaken from a helicopter(opens in a new tab) or an airplane(opens in a new tab)—the choice is yours!

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Our Seasonal Tours

The Best Summer & Winter Activities in Interlaken

Whether it’s the bluebird summer days or the crisp, clear winter days with snow-capped mountain tops, Interlaken never stops. Cool off in the summer with a day out canyoneering(opens in a new tab), or get out on the snowy winter slopes and learn to ski!(opens in a new tab) Click below to see our seasonal offerings.


Get Wet With Our Water Sport Selection

Perfect For Groups or Individuals

Picture the warm sun on a beautiful summer’s day in the Swiss Alps. The stunning mountain backdrop and the luscious green forests make for the perfect opportunity to get out on the water. Get the heart pumping while canyoning(opens in a new tab) in and around the Interlaken area with high rappels and enormous jumps or take the family out for a half-day kayaking(opens in a new tab) trip on the picturesque Lake Brienz. Browse our full selection by clicking below.

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Interlaken Activities

Interlaken, a beautiful resort town in the heart of mountainous Switzerland, has been dubbed Europe’s adventure capital for good reason. It’s enormous peaks, beautiful rivers and lakes, and deep, wide valleys all mix beautifully to make it the perfect outdoor playground. The stunning Swiss Alpine backdrop plays host to a number of amazing air and water sports in both summer and winter. From an adrenaline-pumping leap from a helicopter to an unforgettable paraglide over the lakes and villages, Interlaken truly has something for everyone.

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